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Coconuts are natural, environment friendly raw materials with high abrasion and hardness. Its exceptional pore structure and chemical characteristics make it the primary raw material for ACPL activated carbon products. We source coconuts from the best fields in the state and maintain this quality until the final stage of product delivery. These virgin coconuts are steam activated at high temperatures in an automated rotary kiln. Our well-trained professionals use optimum quality raw material and latest technology in the industry to ensure a smooth and efficient manufacturing process. Process control, quality control together with process automation is done in every stage of operation.

ACPL's activated carbon products are specifically produced to be used in the purification of water and air. Pores developed in steam activation of carbon increases its surface area making it cost effective to treat large volumes of air and water. Alternatively, the exceptional hardness of coconut shell activated carbon also helps in metal recovery in the gold and silver industry. Many food and medicinal products require pure activated carbon to improve purity and appearance.

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