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Aliph Activated Carbon is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality activated carbon made purely from Kerala's virgin coconuts. Located in the coastal plains of Malabar where coconuts grow in abundance, the raw material for our Activated Carbon is available throughout the year. Our plant in the Edu-Industrial estate of Malappuram operates with an installed production capacity of 2500 tons of Activated Carbon per annum. To manufacture high quality coconut shell based Activated Carbon for international market by sourcing coconut shells from the copra producers and produce from our own coconut shell charcoal system. The working of surface chemistry of activated carbon manufactures a wide range of adsorption capacity. Steam activated Carbon has diverse industrial uses that range from Air, Water, gas purification and recovery of precious metals..

Our well-trained professionals use optimum quality raw material and latest technology in the industry to ensure a smooth and efficient manufacturing process. Process control, quality control together with process automation is done in every stage of operation.

ACPL's activated carbon products are specifically produced to be used in the purification of water and air. Pores developed in steam activation of carbon increases its surface area making it cost effective to treat large volumes of air and water. Alternatively, the exceptional hardness of coconut shell activated carbon also helps in metal recovery in the gold and silver industry. Many food and medicinal products require pure activated carbon to improve purity and appearance.


To be the global leader in providing innovative, sustainable activated carbon solutions that enhance environmental quality, support public health, and drive industrial efficiency. We aim to achieve this through cutting-edge research, customer-centric services, and a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.


Our mission is to deliver high-quality activated carbon products and services that effectively address our customers’ purification, filtration, and environmental challenges. We are dedicated to innovation, sustainability, and excellence, ensuring that our solutions contribute to a cleaner, healthier world while fostering long-term partnerships and community well-being.

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Our quality control team in ACPL ensures every stage of production is closely monitored with the lens of internationally recognized quality parameters and standards. A quality test plan is also prepared and implemented for consistency and control check of raw material, work in progress and finished goods.

Competent and experienced quality check personnel monitor daily operations, using an adequate sampling and testing process, in every stage of production so that our products comply 100 percent to the customer requirement. ACPL lab is equipped to analyze products in accordance with internationally recognized standards like American Society for Testing and Materials Standard Test Method (ASTM) and European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) Standard Test Method.

Carbon Tetra Chloride Adsorption % Apparent Density gm/cc Ash Content (Max )% Ball - Pan Hardness Number PH Surface Area sq.M/gm BETN2
25/35 0.55 - 0.57 max 2.0 99.0+ 9/11 600 - 700
35/45 c 0.53 - 0.57 max2.0 99.0+ 9/11 700 - 850
45/55 0.51 - 0.52 max 2.0 99.0+ 9/11 850 - 1000
55/65 0.49 - 0.52 max 2.5 98.0+ 9/11 1100 - 1200
65/75 0.47 - 0.49 max 2.5 97.0+ 9/11 1200 - 1300
75/85 0.42 - 0.47 max 2.5 96.5+ 9/11 1300 - 1400
85/95 0.38 - 0.42 max 3.0 96.0+ 9/11 1350+

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